A homoeopathic repertory is a reference manual used to find the appropriate treatment for a medical condition. The repertory, which is used in homoeopathy training, is an index of symptoms categorically arranged in such a way that the user can quickly find what they are looking for. Every category — also called a rubric — has a number of homoeopathic remedies that are known for treating the symptom.

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Differentiation of Rubrics of Mind

Understanding rubrics is the first step towards a successful selection of remedy. One must be thoroughly familiar with the stock of rubrics so far as their meaning is concerned. No matter which repertory we use, it will never, ever give us the right remedy in a straight shot. So, we must use the repertory from the perspective of a certain philosophy and principle, and never use it simply as a mechanical tool.

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In the Desert of Feeling Forsaken

Going through the desert of “feeling” forsaken is perhaps the most difficult trial God will ever allow us to be put through … yet the most beneficial – in light of eternity. Let us try to differentiate the forsaken feeling of different remedies, that is, why there is a forsaken feeling in Aurum, why in Pulsatilla & so on….

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Role of Single Remedy Rubrics

As one advances in to the practice and treats a large number of the patients, one comes across the cases where there is a marked paucity of the symptoms and if ever the drug is visible the same would be very hazy and the clear cut choice seems distant. In homoeopathy all drugs have some unique and singularly peculiar symptoms that exclude all other closely comparable or related remedies.

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