Reading about successful cases is one of the best ways to learn about homoeopathy for both patients and practitioners alike. Although anecdotal in nature, these case studies are illustrative of the potential of homoeopathy as well as of the way in which we work.

These cases are genuine and have been summarised in our own words for the interest of students of homoeopathy. Names have been concealed or changed to protect the clients’ confidentiality.

To those unacquainted with homoeopathy some of these case histories may seem far-fetched or even fantastic. Welcome to the best-kept secret in modern medicine!

A Case of Koro Syndrome

Koro is a unique psychiatric disorder in which acute anxiety accompanies the perception of genital retraction sometimes unflatteringly called penis panic. Originally thought to be a Chinese and Indonesian culture-bound syndrome, it has recently been noted to occur in “Indian” patients as well. This case report describes a case of Koro syndrome associated with penile and scrotal pain.

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A Curious Child

While curiosity is a state commonly experienced by all people, and there are some events which arouse curiosity in almost everyone, it is also a trait which is much more typical of some people than others. This case illustrates the role of observation while taking a homoeopathic case.

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A Tricky Case of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

This case illustrates that how a subtle cuttlefish that is Sepia had once again acted, and in a person who would not have struck one instantly as a “Sepia type”.


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Histrionic Personality Disorder

Individuals with histrionic personality disorder tend to be overly dramatic and often seem almost to be acting, which is why the term histrionic, which means theatrical in manner, is used. Here is a presentation of a case of a lady whose gestures and enthusiasm helps in understanding her nature and constitution.

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       Hot Water Epilepsy in a Pregnant Woman

Hot water epilepsy is a unique form of reflex epilepsy precipitated by the stimulus of bathing with hot water poured over the head. It is mostly seen in infants and children, with predominance in males. Unlikely, we present a 28-year-old pregnant woman with the incipient of reflex seizures triggered by pouring hot water over the head while having a bath during the gestation period and treated successfully with a constitutional homoeopathic medicine.


I am trying not to think about something..

 This case illustrates the importance of conducting the clinical interview in a way that elicits the patient’s trust and empathy. We homoeopaths must train ourselves extensively in methods that put patients at ease and facilitate communication, including non-threatening ways of seeking information as well as appropriate listening skills.

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  Leucoderma: A Melanin’s Intimidation Every case of Vitiligo calls for study of the patient’s constitution which includes various aspects of his as well as the in-depth study of the mental sphere such as emotions, psycho-social background, behaviour and personality pattern etc. Homoeopathy is nothing but analysis and evaluation of such factors affecting the human constitution to determine the disease, diagnosis and the exact treatment in turn.

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