Dr. Bidani’s Centre for Homoeopathy offers¬†full-service online consultation¬†in classical homoeopathy. Treatment encompasses regular appointments by phone or Skype (free software for voice and video communcations over the Internet), combined with unlimited e-mail/phone support in between appointments.

Online homoeopathic treatment allows you to access the unprecedented healing potential of classical homoeopathy right from the comfort of your own home or travel location.

What are the advantages of long-distance treatment?

  • Access to a professional homoeopath from anywhere in the world: suitable for those living where there are no reputable practitioners, and for frequent travellers.
  • Many patients find it easier to open up when in their own comfort zone rather than in the physical presence of the practitioner.
  • Convenience: long-term compliance with appointments is enhanced by flexibility with regard to time and location.
  • Long-term therapeutic relationship can be maintained even following a move to a new geographical location.
  • Privacy: no undesirable waiting-room encounters.

Homoeopathic medicines are chiefly selected on the basis of symptoms one is suffering from. Therefore in order to choose the correct homoeopathic medicine it is very essential to receive an in depth history from the patient. We have created an extensive Case-Record form for those patients who are not able to see us in person, especially those residing in foreign cities and countries. By filling in this case record you would be providing us with all the necessary information and enabling us to select a suitable homoeopathic remedy for you.

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