Hives (medically known as urticaria) are itchy, erythematous (reddish), often elevated skin lesions that blanch with pressure. They are red, itchy, raised areas of skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They range in size from a few millimeters to several inches in diameter. Hives can be round, or they can form rings or large patches. Wheals (welts), red lesions with a red “flare” at the borders, are another manifestation of hives. Hives can occur anywhere on the body, such as the trunk, arms, and legs.

The skin lesions of urticarial disease are caused by an inflammatory reaction in the skin, causing leakage of capillaries in the dermis, and resulting in an edema which persists until the interstitial fluid is absorbed into the surrounding cells.Urticaria are caused by the release of histamine and other mediators of inflammation (cytokines) from cells in the skin.

Angioedema often results from a similar release of mediators, involving the skin’s deeper cutaneous and sub-cutaneous tissues. In this case, more edema (fluid accumulation and swelling) is present than that seen with hives. Angioedema tends to be associated with marked swelling of the lips, tongue, peri-ocular tissues, and/or extremities. Angioedema of the GI tract can cause severe abdominal pain, while angioedema of the larynx or tongue can lead to respiratory distress.

Homoeopathy and Urticaria:

Homoeopathy offers an effective and permanent solution to Urticaria. In homoeopathy, the treatment plan is so designed that it helps in correcting the immune system, in turn treating Urticaria from within. There are excellent medicines in Homoeopathy which help relieve the problem in the most simplisitic manner. Homoeopathic remedies not only help relieve the acute condition but also reduce the incidents of urticarial episodes and cure completely.


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