Eczema is a generalized term that is used for various inflammatory skin conditions. It is also called as “Dermatitis” which means superficial inflammation of the skin (epidermis) that can be acute, chronic and recurring. Eczema is characterized by various reactive patterns of the skin, as discussed below

Symptoms of Eczema

The following are some of the symptoms of Eczema:• Usually, the first symptom of eczema is intense itching.
• The rash appears later and is red and bumpy.
• The rash itches or burns.
• If it is scratched, it may ooze and become crusty.
• In adults, chronic rubbing produces thickened plaques of skin.
• Some people develop red bumps or clear fluid-filled bumps, when scratched, add wetness to the overall appearance.
• Painful cracks can develop over time.
• Although the rash can be located anywhere on the body, in adults it is most often found on the neck, flexures of the arms (opposite the elbow) and flexures of legs (opposite the knee). Infants may exhibit the rash on the torso and face. As the child begins to crawl, the rash involves the skin of the elbows and knees. The diaper area is often spared.
• The itching may be so intense that it interferes with sleep.
• Dryness, flakiness, heat are associate symptoms.
• In infants, eczema typically occurs on the forehead, cheeks, forearms, legs, scalp, and neck. Affected areas usually appear very dry, thickened, or scaly. Some times there will be hyper pigmentation. In children and adults, eczema typically occurs on the face, neck, and the insides of the elbows, knees, and ankles.
• Chronic scratching causes the skin to take on a leathery texture because the skin has thickened (lichenification).

Role of Homoeopathy in Eczema:

Homoeopathy can help in eczema by decreasing the susceptibility to various allergens and irritants. The extent of results depends upon the type of eczema, type of lifestyle improvement the patient is able to make. Strong family history of atopy, asthma or allergy may become a hurdle in the response to the treatment of eczema in the initial phase of the illness but these influences can be reduced with homoeopathic medicines over a period of time. Constitutional homoeopathic treatment approach is the best way to treat eczema permanently. Homoeopathy has been found useful in all types of eczema.

I, Harish Malkani, age 44 yrs, businessman, R/O: 29-B, U & V Block, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi was suffering from chronic eczema from past 20 yrs. The main area affected was back of the right knee joint. There was intolerable itching with dryness, bleeding & scaling of the skin. I used to feel embarrassed in front of my clients & workers due to this problem of itching. Day by day my condition was getting worse. My medicines were started on 09-10-2006 under Dr. Neha Bidani’s supervision. I used to visit her every week & my condition also started improving gradually. After 6 months of treatment my itching & skin was 50% better. After 8 months of treatment almost all of the eczema is cured. I pay my regards to Dr. Neha Bidani.

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