Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases.  Despite the advancements of conventional medicine in the management of cancer, it is still associated with significant morbidity and deaths, and the treatment of cancer is associated with several severe side effects. A diagnosis of cancer is life altering-filled with feelings of anxiety and questions about what’s to come. Deciding on where to receive your treatment doesn’t have to be stressful. At Dr. Bidani’s Centre we believe there isn’t one way to beat cancer – there are hundreds. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been committed to finding the right combination of personalized cancer treatments for our patients. Treatment of Cancer can be quite successful with Homoeopathy, often in conjunction with allopathic medicine in advanced cases. In early stages, particularly with breast and prostate, the success rate is close to 70% with compliance by the patient. Currently we have over 100 active Cancer cases and this number reflects the results we are seeing. Our results are confirmed by conventional laboratory testing, scans and ultrasound. Throughout your treatment, you also receive ongoing evaluations, personal consultations, education, and support.

At Dr. Bidani’s Centre for Homoeopathy we believe you are a person who should be treated with compassion and understanding. We also believe patients and their families should understand their treatment options and be involved in core decisions. Whether you are seeking a second opinion or are ready to start treatment, we encourage you to see one of our specialists to learn about your diagnostic and treatment options and make an informed decision about your care.

What we treat

We have been fighting complex and advanced cancer for decades with Care That Never Quits.

How effective is homoeopathy in the treatment of cancer?

In the US, most alternative health care professionals use homoeopathy in combination with other approaches (nutritional and immune system support, diet and detoxification programs, etc), so it’s not typically considered as a primary or stand-alone therapy for cancer. However, when used correctly, and in combination with necessary therapies, it can be an amazingly powerful tool for empowering someone to heal themselves of cancer.  There are many cases in homoeopathic literature in which the correct homoeopathic recommendation resulted in the resolution of tumors, reversal of the cancer process, and recovery by the patient.

Much of the success with homoeopathy, however, depends on the skill level of the practitioner and the resources of the patient to heal on all levels.

Homoeopathy is a therapy which is being seriously studied for the treatment as well as co-treatment of cancer, the treatment of side effects of chemotherpy and radiation, post-surgical pain relief and reduction of side effects, and the prevention of a recurrence of cancer.

We treat cancer-effectively, efficiently and with one vision – to deliver caring, compassionate and high-quality services that will aid in your cancer treatment every stop of the way.

From prostate to breast cancer, we are The Choice for Saving Lives.

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    Dear Dr Bidani,
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    My father is recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of Prostate. Regarding that, We need your appointment.

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    Alpesh Patel
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