What Sets Us Apart

We make you want to smile.

That’s our aim.


  • Dr. Bidani and his team will help you to achieve a healthy and comfortable life, a beautiful smile you can show with confidence and pride.
  • Our treatment of patients is meticulous, and our care for our patients and their families is personalized, friendly, and sensitive.
  • We seek to correct as thoroughly as possible the CAUSE of the problem!
  • We have always aimed to set ourselves apart from the crowd. Our brand and reputation is very important to us and integrity is a cornerstone of our clinic in terms of the advice we offer, the treatments we provide and the standard of treatment and care that we give.
  • The secret of our excellent natural results is a clear understanding of what needs correcting, and then using the smallest amount of treatment necessary to achieve this.
  • Through our experiences, the doctors at our centre have developed unique clinical approaches to treating many different problems and are skilled at helping you balance and heal your WHOLE BODY,structurally, chemically and emotionally.
  • Our appointments consistently run on time. Life is busy, and we respect your time.
  • Even with attention to the rigors of a schedule, Dr. Bidani and his staff always take the time to communicate with patients and parents, answering questions and discussing concerns.

 The Triad of Health : There are three basic factors to consider in maintaining or restoring natural health. They form an equilateral triangle in maintaining health. If one side of the triad becomes deficient, diminished health results and may lead to a significant health problem. Only by carefully observing all sides of the equilateral triangle can the total health of a person be evaluated and treated if necessary. Depending on a doctor’s background, education, and general interest there is a tendency to concentrate only on the examination and treatment on one side of the triad. Although this approach may improve symptoms, it often leaves important root causes of the problem undetected and uncorrected. Dr. Bidani’s Centre for Homoeopathy is unique in that we help our patients to balance all three aspects of their health (structural, chemical and emotional).

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