Principles of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is based on the principle that “like cures like”.  Each homoeopathic remedy carries with it a specific footprint and a homoeopathic practitioner is trained to identify the symptom picture of the patient and match it to that of a single remedy for a complete cure; each patient is treated individually because no two symptom pictures (and therefore patients) are alike.  When prescribing a homoeopathic remedy, the stimulation it provides the body is simply so that the body can complete its healing work that comes naturally.  The smallest possible dose is given with the understanding that the medicine works from within the patient’s vitality and is not imposed upon from the outside.  By stimulating one’s own vitality, the patient can heal naturally and efficiently without experiencing side effects.

How is a homoeopathic remedy made?  Remedies are made through a series of dilutions and successions.  The original substance is diluted and shaken to acquire the desired potency and to release the dynamic nature of the medicine.  Dr. Hahnemann (the founder of Homeopathy) discovered that by using infinitesimally small doses, he could not only alleviate common symptoms, they worked better than large doses!  By using the smallest possible dose and only repeating when necessary, side effects and adverse reactions are prevented and one is brought to complete cure safely and efficiently.

In addition to the range of symptoms which must be included in a case to find the right homoeopathic remedy, precision is very important. For example there are nearly 4,000 homoeopathic remedies and of those, the practitioner must be careful to match the remedy picture to the patient symptoms; a different remedy may be prescribed depending on when the symptoms occur, the type of complaint, where it occurs, what brings it on, what other symptoms are experienced, what makes it better or worse etc.

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