Some rare homeopathic remedies used in female complaints

Anatherum muricatum 

Anantherum, which is prepared out of Indian cuscus, is primarily a skin remedy of high order. But it is also found useful in swollen breasts with induration.
Breasts are hard to touch. Nipples are excoriated. This drug can be compared with: Staph, Merc, and Thuja.

 Apium graveolens
Prepared from common celery, Apium is mostly useful where there are retention of urine and throbbing headache.
But its usefulness is seen in the diseases of women also. The patient feels sharp pains in the ovaries, particularly in the left one.
She feels better by bending over and lying on left side with legs flexed.
Nipples are very tender to touch.
“Sleep does not generally relieve.”

She has strong “desire for apples”.
Strangely loss of sleep does not “fatigue the patient”.

Asarum europaeum
This European snake-root is considered to be of high value in nervous affections and loss of energy.
Asarum is suitable to irritable females with that peculiar sensitiveness to scratching of silk or linen or paper is unbearable to her.
Cold and dry weather aggravates her (Caust). Washing face and the affected parts gives relief.
There is a sensation as if parts are pressed together.
Menses are too early, last long, and black in colour, accompanied by violent pain in small of back. Leucorrhoea is tenacious and yellow.
Asarum induces a feeling as though the “whole body is hovering in air”. Emotions bring shivering and coldness.
According to Dr. Farrington both Asarum and Tarentula have this intolerance to sounds. The difference is that in Asarum mere thinking of it brings on a thrill in her.

Aurum muriaticum natronatum
Proved from sodium chloroaurate, this remedy has prominent influence on female genital organs, with a background of syphilis.

Cervix is indurated; chronic metritis and prolapsus; uterus fills up the the whole pelvic region.
Neck of womb and vagina are ulcerated. Ovaries are indurated. Ovarian dropsy.
Aurum mur nat. And Sepia have this congested or indurated state of cervix uteri.

Bovista lycoperdon
Bovista patient is awkward and drops things. She is a very sensitive patient.
Diarrhoea appears before and during menses. Menses are too early, profuse and “worse at night”. In nights she is harried by voluptuous sensation.
Leucorrhoea is acrid, thick, tough and greenish and follows menses.
Like Lachesis, Bovista patient cannot bear tight clothing round the the waist.
Traces of menses are observed between periods. There is soreness of pubes during menses.
Dr. Farrington states that this remedy is indicated in uterine haemorrhage with engorgement of uterus. It is also indicated when there is flow of blood in between menstrual periods, the the cause being overexertion.
Both Ambra grisea and Bovista have this symptom. But the latter is prescribed when the menstrual flow appears “at night or early morning”.

Haemorrhage with engorged uterus is also found in Ustilago and Secale.
A Bovista patient is recognised by the puffiness of body. While holding scissors it will leave deep creases in the thumb and finger indicating sluggishness in passage of blood through veins.
Incidentally Bovista is considered to be a good antidote to the “effects of charcoal and gas fumes”. Other drugs that come to mind are Arnica, Opium.
Dr. Allen reports sweat in axilla which smells like onion.
He recommends Bovista for menses “only at night”. He also records intolerable itching at tip of cocyx.

Bufo rana
Menses appear too early. Leucorrhoea will be thin and watery. This remedy is reported to be very good for epileptic conditions. In women epilepsy appears at the time of menses.
Induration of mammary glands. Bufo is used as “a palliative in cancer of mammae”.
Burning in ovaries and uterus. Ulceration of cervix. Discharge of blood is offensive.

Blood will be seen in breast milk. She suffers from “milk leg”. Veins of breasts are swollen.
Dr. Farrington states that the aura of an epileptic paroxysm starts from the female genital organs. The woman may even be thrown into violent convulsions during coitus. This state is preceded by marked irritability of mind. The patient begins to talk incoherently and gets vexed if she is not understood. The convulsions will finally end leaving the patient in deep sleep.
Dr. William Wayne confirms this symptom by reporting the cure of a case of peritonitis in which there repeated convulsions which ultimately ended in stupor.

Camphora bromata
A proving from mono bromide of camphor, this remedy is found useful in cases of nervous excitability. It is also efficacious in suppression of milk.
A peculiarity is that this patient has “misconceptions of direction”. For her “north seems as south and east appears as west”.
It can also be used in hysteric patients who weep and laugh alternatively. Sometimes she goes into a trance-like state.

Castor equi
Clinically verified by Dr. Hering and other provers, this remedy is  established as a very useful one for cracked and ulcerated nipples. It has its influence mainly on female organs.
Its action is also seen on nails and bones.
Warts are found on forehead and on breasts. Chapped hands.
Nipples are sore and tender to touch. You will find swelling of mammae. She has violent itching of breasts. Areola is reddened.

Cucurbita pepo
This pumpkin seed product creates intense nausea in patients, immediately after eating.
It is one of the best medicines for vomiting of pregnant women.
Incidentally it counteracts seasickness.

Copaiva officinalis
Copaiva has powerful action on mucous membranes particularly of urinary track.
It also produces nettle-rash on skin.
In diseases of females its action is observed in the itching of vulva and anus. The discharge that emanates is bloody and purulent.
Menses are profuse and foul smelling.
The pains that radiate to hip bones are followed by nausea.
Dr. Farrington found it useful in urethritis. There will be burning at the neck of bladder and in urethra. The discharge is milky and corrosive.
Meatus urinaris is swollen, inflamed and sore as though wounded.

Erigeron canadense
This remedy is strongly recommended for the cure of haemorrhages, particularly constant bleeding from bladder.
Haemorrhage from uterus is followed by painful micturition. The flow is profuse and bright red in colour.
The patient complains pain in left ovary and hip.
When there is a background of gonorrhoea you will find burning while passing urine. Urine dribbles.

 Eucalyptus globulus
Haemorrhages are found both internally and locally (Ham.). Eucalyptus leucorrhoea is acrid and excoriating and with fetid discharge.

Eupion is very useful in many of women’s diseases. First it can be thought of in uterine displacements. It produces severe pains in back which are followed by bland leucorrhoea. Menses will be too early with thin flow. Slightest exertion produces intense sweat.
Disgusting dreams. Feeling as if her body is made of jelly.
Vertigo is brought on by sitting on bed. Everything seems to rotate round her.
Stitching pains in genitals. Burning sensation in right ovary. Leucorrhoea gushes out.
Patient turns morose and does not desire to talk when the menses are appearing. Yellow leucorrhoea follows menses with severe headache, adding to her misery.

One notable feature of Eupion is that “when the pains in back cease the discharge starts in a gush”.
She complains of pain between labia during urination. Pruritus pudandi. Labia swollen.
It is said to go well with Kreosote, Graphites and Lachesis.

This drug has action on nervous system and female organs. Incidentally it is considered to be a good antidote to scorpion and snake bites.
It is a good remedy for leucorrhoea when the discharge is copious, corrosive, with putrid smell.
You will find itching and smarting of parts with a sensation of fire running out of them. All her complaints are worse from motion.

 Lamium album
Lamium has an affinity for female urinary organs.
She suffers from headaches. She tosses her head backwards and forward with intense pain passing through head.
Both menses and leucorrhoea are too early but scanty.
She also suffers from haemorrhoids. Stools are hard with blood in it.
She complains of a peculiar sensation as though “a drop of water is flowing through urethra”.

 Lappa arctium
Lappa is found very useful in uterine displacements. It has intense sore and bruised feeling in uterus. Vaginal tissues are relaxed. There is a lack of tonicity of pelvic contents.
All her complaints increase while standing and walking or when she makes a mis-step or when there is a sudden jar.

 Origanum majorana
Origanum has strong action on sexual impulses, producing erotomania in females.
Origanum women are susceptible to strong lascivious ideas arousing sexual desire. It may carry the patient to hysteric pitch.

This ovarian extract is used in the sufferings caused by excision of ovaries.
It is a good remedy for nervous breakdown in women at climacteric. It is useful for many of climacteric disturbances.
You can also try it in ovarian cysts. It also controls prurigo.

 Pulex irritans
This blood sucking common flea produces many marked urinary and female symptoms when proved in potency.
The patient is cross, impatient and irritable. She suffers from headaches with a sensation of enlarged eyes.
Her face looks old and wrinkled. Menses are delayed. One noteworthy symptom is flow of saliva increases during menstrual periods.
There will be burning in vagina. Leucorrhoea is copious and foul smelling. One recognizing feature is that it stains the clothes greenish yellow. The stains from both menses and leucorrhoea are very hard to wash out.
She feels better while sitting or lying. She is aggravated from motion. She has left sided complaints.

 Spiranthes autumnalis
This remedy is used to increase milk flow in nursing women.
The patient suffers from spasmodic yawning. She also suffers from pruritus of vagina which is dry and burns. Vulva is red.
She complaints of burning pain in vagina during coition.
Leucorrhoea is bloody.
She also complains of flushes of heat during fever. Palms sweat. Hands are hot and cold alternately.

 Symphoricarpus racemosus
Dr. William Boericke recommends this medicine very strongly for preventing persistent vomiting of pregnant women. Patient suffers from gastric disturbances. Appetite is inconsistent. Nausea is felt during menstruation. Nausea is also aggravated by any motion. She dislikes all food. She is better lying on back.

Viburnum opulus
It chiefly produces cramps. But it has also given out several female symptoms.
Dr. William Boericke asserts that it is capable of preventing miscarriage, correcting false labour pains.
Spasmodic and congestive affections originate from ovarian and uterine region. Menses are too late and scanty. Will last only for a few hours. Flow is offensive. Menses are followed by cramps that extend down thighs (Bell.).
Bearing down pains before menses. Heaviness and congestion in ovarian region. Susceptibility to spasmodic membranous dysmenorrhoea (Borax). Leucorrhoea is excoriating. Genitals itch and smart.
Faints while making an effort to sit.
Miscarriages take place frequently and at early stages giving an impression of sterility.
She is worse lying on the affected side. Her complaints appear when in a warm room. She is better while taking rest and in open air.

 Vinca minor
It is not only found useful in skin diseases of the scalp but is also efficacious in female diseases.
She suffers from excessive menstruation followed by great weakness. however the uterine haemorrhages are passive (Ustilago, Trill, Secale). She is vexed by continuous flow of blood, particularly at menopause. She also suffers from haemorrhage from fibroids.
One should not overlook the primary action of vinca minor, i.e.  eczema of head and face with pustules itching, burning and smelling badly. The identifying symptom is “matting of hair”.

Its chief action is found in sexual organs and nervous system.
But in females it causes hyperaemia of the milk glands stimulates the function of lactation.

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