Baryta Carb Baby

Have u ever seen a baby sitting in the corner of the room doing nothing or throwing stones on strangers?


The appearance of Baryta Carb children is quite distinct. Children present a picture of typical cretinism. Having short stature, swollen abdomen, puffy face, wrinkled skin, enlarged tonsils and an idiotic appearance. They are not fat, but they may have enlarged bellies with an otherwise marasmic appearance–like Calc carb.
The skin is not fresh, as it is in most children; it appears older, as if it is about to become wrinkled. The glands may be swollen and especially the tonsils may swell to such an extent that it interferes with the child’s appetite. Because of this adenoidal & tonsillar swelling, the child may breathe through the mouth, which adds to the generally “stupid” look on his face.

Baryta Carb children have a very serious look on their faces. They lack brilliance, so they appear as if they are always trying to figure out what is happening.
It is as if the mind is completely vacant.

The baby is highly psoric with tubercular and scrofulous diathesis. (Medorrhinum baby has similar appearance but is hot and has syphilitic background)



Baryta carb baby is dwarfish both physically and mentally. By dwarfishness we do not mean that Baryta carb is routinely prescribed for people who are short in stature, or for actual dwarfs. It is not indicated in people with quick intelligence and strong vitality.
Baryta Carb dwarfishness on the physical plane refers more specifically to conditions in which specific organs have not fully developed, especially the genitalia. The testes and penis may be very small and relaxed. Or the uterus may remain child-sized even into adulthood. Delayed development in general is a strong element in Baryta Carb. This dwarfishness is more marked on the mental sphere than on the physical sphere. The child lacks intelligence.

 The child cannot be taught anything because he cannot remember (forgetful).The child cannot learn the art of walking and especially talking. This slowness in learning to talk is not due to any defect in the apparatus of speech of the tongue but it is the result of mental weakness(Nat Mur child has also faulty speak but it is much more due to difficulty in articulation).The child has delayed dentition, delayed mass gain and hence delayed milestones


These children are very shy. In an interview, a Baryta Carb. child will hide behind the chair and cling to her mother, peering out at you with that dull, serious look. You cannot coax her to come out. If you go over & take her by the hand, however, she will not resist. This shyness comes from the fact that these children lack the art of comprehension. They don’t understand what all is happening in the outer world. They don’t want to go out and play with other children (company, aversion to).

They want to be surrounded by familiar persons and old friends.


Their incapability to understand the complexity of the world leads to a fear of strangers, a fear of being criticized or laughed at, and a worry for the wellbeing of relatives since they fear to loose their protection. They always have fear of people. They often get night terrors and get frightened easily with evil apprehensions.

Lack of Concentration:

Baryta carb baby is very inattentive and lacks concentration. The child will play with his toy for a minute or two but gets bored easily and change from one thing to another. It is difficult to hold their attention for more than a minute. As they grow older it becomes a headache for the parents to teach them. Supposing, they learn a lesson by heart and then they are allowed to go out and play they will forget everything in 20-30 minutes. It happens because the child has not understood the actual meaning of the words in the lesson. He has simply mugged it. They often lack behind other children in studies and extra curricular activities.

The baby is very sensitive and timid. He does not want to be interrupted and gets irritated easily. 

Baryta student:

 Baryta students because of timidity and lack of analytic mind with weak reception factuality, is always reluctant to ask queries. They will sit in class with blank face and vacant eye. On other side they will ask number of questions or they are so confused that they will repeat same question again and again and will create irritation in the mind teacher and among fellow colleagues.

As Barytas are very laborious; they study hard and get lot of knowledge. But correct application of acquired knowledge is missing. These people even copy the teacher’s way of dressing, walking, speaking, and develop same gestures and postures. But they misunderstand the knowledge what they got from the teacher and further convey it to others in a wrong way. Some time they go so deep and deep in a particular concept, they distort the actual meaning of the idea.

Physical Generals

On the physical sphere the child is very much susceptible to cold. Every cold settles in the throat which causes tonsillitis with post nasal catarrh. Tonsils have the tendency to suppurate and quinsy. The child also complains of enlarged cervical and mesenteric glands. Due to the enlargement of mesenteric glands the child often suffers from diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting etc. Saliva runs out from the corner of the mouth with intolerable stench coming from the mouth. The baby often suffers from moist eruptions on the skin of the scalp with intolerable itching.

The above explanation helps us to understand the personality of Baryta Carb baby in totality.

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  1. ananya dey says:

    is it true that baryta carb 200 can increase once normal parson’s hight at any age.

  2. This is altogether a mis-conception that Baryta Carb or any other medicine, homoeopathic, allopathic or ayurvedic can increase height. Height, like other phenotypic traits, is determined by a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

    If your growth plates in your long bones have fused, then you are finished growing and no medications or treatments will make you taller. The average age for this in females is 15 to 16 and for males is 18 to 19.

    Sometimes human growth hormone (HGH) can be used to increase height in young children prior to and around puberty, but makes little difference in height after puberty. Once you reach adulthood, your height is what it is and short of a gruesome leg-lengthening surgery with immense pain, expense, and complications, there’s nothing you can do to actually gain a few inches.

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